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Our focus has been helping companies in need and creating a network that works for their unique space. WIFI deployment specifically, must be deployed with the space and the number of potential users in mind. An internet service provider supplied router and WIFI device cannot handle the number of users and devices needed for today's business. Besides WIFI deployment, we address all network issues to be sure of consistent performance throughout the network. Our passion lies in delivering comprehensive HDMI TV Wall support and innovative solutions utilizing HDMI switch multiplexors tailored specifically for restaurants and bars within the hospitality sector. We aim to elevate entertainment experiences and operational efficiency through our specialized services.

Neons Beach Shack in Panama City Beach Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Neons Beach Shack

I worked on a project for Neon's Beach Shack, where I installed a sports bar TV system. The system allows them to operate all 32 TVs and change channels with an iPad. The main component of the system was the video multiplexor, which can handle 16 different inputs from cable boxes, laptops and other devices. I also integrated the inputs and programmed the multiplexor to send any video source to any TV. I trained the bar staff on how to use the system and they were very happy with the results. The system gives them a lot of flexibility and creativity in how they display their content.

Harpoon Harry's in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

HArpoon Harry's

I was hired by Harpoon Harry's to improve their IT room and network infrastructure. They had a lot of clutter and outdated equipment that needed to be replaced. I set up a new Ubiquiti network that offers enhanced security and fast WI-FI 6 speeds. With the smart switches, I can monitor the network performance and troubleshoot any issues more efficiently.

Rock It Lanes in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Rock It Lanes

The Rock It Lanes project involved replacing the network and cleaning up the IT closet, as well as integrating arcade gaming and bowling network systems. Our team at 850 Pro has the expertise and flexibility to handle any system, from point-of-sale to other specialized hardware. We also fixed the video multiplexor and expanded the system as part of this project.

Capt's Table in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Captain's Table

This project for the Captain's Table was in in June of 2022 and was enjoyable to do. This restaurant did a total new building! having a nice, clean, and new building is just fantastic. We were able to map out the wireless internet there based of the new building. With Gigabit speed fiber to the building the guest get serious speed for their devices. We also setup Facebook guest WIFI so they can be secure without needing a password for the guest WIFI. We hear the seafood is fantastic!

Wicked Wheels in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Wicked Wheel

Efficient high-speed WiFi deployment and meticulous network issue resolution was needed at this family friendly restaurant known for Burnout Burgers and Emerald Coast’s Wicked Good Fried Chicken.

Gulf Coast Burger Co in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Gulf Coast Burger Co.

Feb 2023. Performed a complete network replacement. Established public WIFI and installed a commercial sound system for music and events.

Paparazzi Gourmet Deli in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Paparazzi Gourmet Deli

June 2021, Paparazzi Gourmet Deli was a unique project. This building was two stories and and the same story of bad placement of the ISP router. The router simply could not handle the WIFI amount and give the range throughout the entire building. We replaced the network with one that we can help manage remotely. Paparazzi also opted for Backup internet service using a cellular failover modem. There have been occasions where the main internet has gone down but, the business never noticed and kept taking credit cards. We notified them the internet service provider modem had failed and it was days before it was replaced. Cellular failover provided excellent business continuity for them. Also, Great Food!

Sequence Fitness in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

Sequence Fitness

Sequence fitness is a large gym located in Panama City Beach. Their space is approximately 15,000 ft. 850 Pro went in and did a network cleanup, identified their systems and then replaced the network. There were legacy products that had to be accounted for. We made recommendations for Sequence to increase the internet speed and we were able to deliver a flawless WIFI system for them. Gym patrons can now stream video and play music at speeds better than in their homes. For more information about Sequence Gym and their many locations.

El Rincon Mexican Restaurant in Florida is a valued client of 850 Pro Flawless Networks

El Rincon

El Rincon was Sept 2021. They took over a massive building in Dothan, AL. This is another project where we were able to design the network from the ground up. This place probably has the fastest internet access in Dothan! If you are there, connect to their WIFI 6 system.

Since install, there has never been an issue. When the network is designed and properly installed for the client, it is efficient and economical. Marc went to visit with his family a year after the install and reported it as the best Mexican food in Dothan.